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Transportation from UCB Libraries GovPubs. Transportation at Curlie. America On the Move An online transportation exhibition from the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. World Transportation Organization The world transportation organization The Non-Profit Advisory Organization. Bus rapid transit. Open top bus.
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For the engineering infrastructure on which transportation systems depend, see roads and highways; bridge; canals and inland waterways; harbours and sea works; lighthouse; tunnels and underground excavations. For the place of transportation in law, see air law; carriage of goods; maritime law.
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Transportation may also refer to.: Transportation journal, an academic journal on transportation planning. Penal transportation, the moving of convicted criminals to penal colonies. Transportation theory mathematics, which concerns optimization of transportation and resource allocation. Transportation theory psychology, which concerns psychological immersion in narrative content.
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Curious Texas investigates, 13 May 2021 Why rush to make permanent, capital-intensive investments in a mode of transportation that was doing poorly before the pandemic, got hammered during the pandemic, and is forecasted to recover more slowly than other modes of travel?

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