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LUXURY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a luxury apartment/car/yacht The market for luxury cars was badly hit by the recession. a luxury cruise/hotel/resort They plan to build a luxury hotel in Nairobi. luxury brands/goods/items The store sells luxury brands such as Prada and Chanel. something expensive which is pleasant to have but is not really necessary.:
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History and Etymology for luxury. Middle English luxurie, from Anglo-French luxorie, from Latin luxuria rankness, luxury, excess; akin to Latin luxus luxury, excess. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More About luxury. Post the Definition of luxury to Facebook Share the Definition of luxury on Twitter Time Traveler for luxury.
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Luxury magazine, magazines devoted to fine craft and luxury goods. Luxury Georgia band, rock band from Toccoa, Georgia. Luxury Iowa band, a power pop rock music band from Des Moines, Iowa. Luxury Fantastic Plastic Machine album, 1998. Luxury The Nein album, 2007.

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